Disclose a Discovery

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Cathryn T. Good
Senior Paralegal & Compliance Officer
U.Va. Licensing & Ventures Group
cgood [at] virginia.edu

What’s the big idea? You tell us!

University researchers, disclose your invention or research reagent to the U.Va. Licensing & Ventures Group using the appropriate form below.

Timely disclosure, before you make any public disclosures such as poster presentations or journal publications, will help us protect any intellectual property arising from your discovery. It will also help us keep you in compliance with U.Va. policies and those of any relevant funding agencies.

Note: These forms were updated in February 2013, streamlining and replacing multiple documents previously required to disclose, certify and assign intellectual property to the University. Let us know what you think about the new forms.


Disclosure Forms

The following .docx form are compatible with Microsoft Word versions 2007 and earlier. If you do not have access to an earlier version of Microsoft Word, please contact us at 434-924-2175 or LVG [at] virginia.edu for an alternative. If using a Mac, please do not open the following PDF form in Preview.